Thursday, January 16, 2014

After School Programming Provides Opportunities

The RES after school enrichment program is a unique opportunity for students!  There are many great things about the program...and perhaps a few you have not thought of!

*Students have an opportunity to learn from a variety of different adults.  These adults are skilled in their area of class selection and have a passion that they want to share! In our lives we must learn from and with a huge variety of people.  Having the opportunity to be exposed to different teaching styles and great local community members is part of the enrichment experience.

* Students take multiage classes that allow them to interact with students from other grades.  This set up allows students to be older leaders and mentors to younger classmates and it provides an opportunity for younger students to grow and learn from other students.  

* Classes last for six week periods.  Unlike many other after school activities where students are required to play for a season, or commit to them for a year, the enrichment program prides itself on setting up an environment in which students can TRY things.  Taking risks in your learning leads to growth, and knowing that you are not committed long term encourages us to make choices and try new things!  

*  It is fun!  This one is probably obvious.....but it is so important I had to include it! The pictures below include students showing off their Asian cooking, making 'exploding snowmen' and creating doll crafts!   As this was going on, other students were jumping rope, learning about French culture and more!

So....if you have not tried the enrichment program before...consider these great benefits!  Sign ups for the next enrichment session will be sent home the week before February break!  As usual there are many great offerings!  The new classes will begin Monday March 10th and continue for the next six Mondays into April.

We welcome all feedback on the programming...both positive and constructive!  We are also always looking for caring adults to share their interests!  Please contact me with questions, comments or ideas!

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