Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kindergarten Explorers!

Kindergarten enrichment is a time to explore.  The use of centers allows us to make choices, set the pace for our learning,  be self directed, play, and have fun with our peers!  As kindergarteners become comfortable with the enrichment space, we are beginning to plan for student interest driven centers.  By the end of kindergarten each student will have an opportunity to work with me to design and run a center based on a topic and idea of their choice.  Students conference with me to share their ideas and create a plan and list of needed materials.  So far this year student ideas have ranged from sewing to tigers to volcanoes! In a few weeks the first students will begin to share their ideas with the class.  On their day, a student will share their topic with the whole class and describe their center.  Next, the student will run their center during our exploratory choice time.  Their classmates will be able to visit their centers (these automatically become the most popular place to be in the classroom).

During this experience, kindergarten students learn: to identify their interests, to make a plan for how to share their ideas with others, to speak in front of the class about their interests,  and to be the lead learner at a center (they are the expert after all).  

I cannot wait to begin this next step in our exploration as learners! Stay tuned to hear about all the great experiences we will share!

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