Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seeds and Observation

Students in first grade enrichment are continuing their exploration of plants with an in depth look at seeds.  This week we planted bean seeds in small starter pots.  We will observe these over time.  In order to contemplate what was happening under the soil, we have done two experiments.  First, we placed some beans on wet paper towels in order to see if we could watch the beginning of plant development.  Second we dissected some lima bean seeds to investigate and observe what is inside a seed.

We have observed first hand that seeds contain tiny plants ready to grow.  We noticed that seeds seem to have a skin or protective coat, that seeds can hold water and more.  Many students found a tiny root and even leaves inside their seeds.  It took a lot of intense observation to notice these things, as the seed parts were the same color!

We also learned through our reading that the largest seed in the world can be up to sixty pounds.  This is bigger than the average first grader!!

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