Thursday, January 16, 2014

RES Science Fair

In my fourth year as the enrichment teacher at RES, I am excited to continue the school tradition of a non-judged family science fair.  Each year I am amazed by student work and by the time and talent that families put into their projects.  The science fair at RES is an opportunity for students to pick a topic and then work with their family or friends to create  a way to share their learning.  This is a somewhat unique opportunity in that students are encouraged to work with others and use the support of their community to complete their work.  I have found that this method allows for families to have an amazing time exploring science together!  Doing a science project takes time and the exploratory and experimental nature of the learning that takes place, on topics of students' own choice , is what makes it great! 

The RES Science Fair will be on Thursday March 6th this year.  I hope everyone will participate--either by creating a project and/or attending the event.

If you need resources, please contact me!  The library also has great texts that could be used to help answer questions or design your project (Families can check out extra books beyond their student check outs if they need resources).

See you at the Science Fair!

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