Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take the Enrichment Challenge!

In January every K - 4 student received an enrichment challenge booklet.  The packet is a series of activities that students are challenged to try over the course of the rest of the school year.  Challenges range from participating in a community event, to building a lego creation and everything in between.  Students can choose which activities to try, and can work with family and friends to learn!  Some of these activities will match things they are doing at school, while others will extend their skills in different areas.  

I created the enrichment challenge my first year at RES in response to requests that I received about how families could extend, enhance and enrich their children's learning outside of school.  The challenge has grown to include a large variety of activities that were requested by students as well as community members!  

I often get told that families like the freedom of choosing which activities they will do and when!  The enrichment challenge is not homework, but it can bring an increased level of learning to a planned family activity ( instead of a game or movie about taking an enrichment challenge?)

I hope everyone will enjoy this 'challenge'!  I always look forward to hearing about the learning that students are doing outside of school!


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