Saturday, April 6, 2013

Catapults, Flying Pigs and Bridges

This week during kindergarten enrichment we had two great student interest driven centers.

One student proudly shared the backboard that he had created for the science fair and then set up activities where students could try their hand at using catapults to make pigs fly or to launch cotton balls across the room. At first students were just excited to launch items, but I was really proud of our student leader as he taught his peers about measuring and recording results as well as taking turns. Students left his center thinking about how to use the catapult to make an object go the farthest, as well as with some graph paper showing their results!

In another kindergarten class a student used the Kinex, a very popular building material in our classroom, to lead a group in building a bridge. This task was not easy, and everyone started the project with different ideas about the design of the bridge. Although the bridge was not complete by the end of class, the many ideas about design had been merged into one design goal. This is often not an easy task for adults so I was impressed by the groups ability to work through their disagreements and collaborate on ideas! We slid the started design under the classroom couch, and I am sure design work will continue next week!

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