Saturday, April 6, 2013

Drawing and Lightsabers

In kindergarten enrichment this week we continued to have great student led centers.

One student designed a center based on his interest in Star Wars. His original plan was to have students create lightsabers from cardboard and colored paper. As he shared his idea with the class, several of his fellow students asked why he was so interested in Star Wars. After a brief discussion it became clear that some students in the class were really interested in Star Wars while others were not. I reminded students that not everyone had to participate in every center and that they all had choices. I thought that this would help, but the student had a much better idea. He proposed that his center could also include making wands (fairy wands, or Harry Potter Wands). This idea was received with great excitement by the whole class. I was impressed with how capable students are of listening to their peers AND knowing how to support their interests! This act of empathy for his fellow students was a great learning experience for the class (students and me!) on flexibility, listening and caring. Due to his enthusiasm to meet the interests of others, his center took two tables and the floor as students created!

In another enrichment class a student proposed the idea of drawing as a theme for her center. As we started talking her idea spread from just drawing at a table to covering the board with drawings, using iPad drawing tools as well as making sketches. Students were engaged in art all over the enrichment room! This class was another great example of student based learning as a pair of students using an iPad drawing app discovered that they could record their drawings and then replay them! When students are given space to explore they show me each day how their natural curiosity drives learning.

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