Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Break Celebrations

The arrival of spring break is welcome, and seems to be greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. As I wish everyone a happy break, I also wanted to share two things that have made me particularly grateful for school this week.

Today, I had one of the most genuine and fun moments I have had as a teacher yet! A group of first graders entered my classroom ready to learn. One student came and sat next to me where I was waiting in the circle for the class. She gave me a hug and said she was glad to be there! I replied that I was excited to see her and her class and that I really valued her hug and kind words....that they felt great to me as a teacher ( which they did!) What happened next was that the other students who had entered started to hug me too! And before I knew it we were having a spontaneous class group hug! Students were smiling and I was in the center of a happy group of kids showing their support for our community of learners and for me as a teacher. What a moment!!!

The past several weeks second graders have been blogging in the enrichment classroom. This week I thought we would take a break from this activity. What I found was that students wanted to blog! A student approached me and told me about his efforts in math. He was so proud that he wanted to share them on our blog! This was a great affirmation for me of the positive power that blogging can have in a classroom. Blogging can give students a voice....and I loved seeing the truth of that statement come alive in my classroom.

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