Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reinforcing Directions in Geography

Students in third grade enrichment continued their student led instruction of geography skills this week. One group taught directions with the use of a maze game. Using a dice to roll for a direction the class raced through the maze! I loved this lesson so much I built additional mazes to try with second graders who are learning that skill for the first time. I cannot wait to tell the third grade students how the time they took to create an interesting and creative lesson plan is being used with other classes!

At the end of class I heard one student say to the student leader of the lesson that the game was great and she really liked it and thought the whole class did. This positive reinforcement was a great feeling for the student who left class beaming. It was also a great feeling for me, as the teacher, as I strive to develop a classroom space where creativity is celebrated.

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