Friday, April 12, 2013

Greek Mythology I Block Group

For the last six weeks I have been working with a small group of third and fourth graders during their I-block. Although I only meet with students once a week, they continue to work independently on a variety of tasks between our meetings. This I Block group has been focused on having great book discussions. We are reading the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan as our main text. We are also supporting our reading with the use of several great Greek mythology resources from the library. This book and the accompanying texts has led to great discussions. We can make many connections between traditional stories and our book, and we have enjoyed sharing observations and ideas as we read.

As a culminating activity our group decided to create shields or portraits that represented a Greek god of their choice. We read specific stories about our selected god, and will use that to write a small supporting paper about our creation. Students have been highly engaged as they create and extend their connections to the text. The paint is drying and we hope to display these projects soon!

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