Friday, April 19, 2013

Bookmaking, Rainbows, Games, Fairies

In kindergarten enrichment students have been busy sharing ideas and creating centers! At the beginning of last trimester we had a few weeks where students had not signed up for a day. Now the list of ideas will take us through the end of the year and we will be double loading some days!

One center last week focused on students making books. The center leader thought that students would enjoy making their very own books about a topic of their choice. And he was right! Students designed, created and WROTE!

This week we have had students making rainbow magnets and drawing rainbows as they talk about light and their special experiences seeing rainbows. One student created a game in which they hid colored circles, and then friends searched for them. Once the circles were found students created animal or people faces on their circles! Another center had students creating fairies and then using several toys in the room to create a fairy land!

In addition to these great student led centers, students have also been building and creating! The arrival of some new building materials led to almost as much excitement about the cardboard boxes as the items themselves. The enrichment room now has a horse stable which students can explore and use --all from a simple box.

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