Saturday, September 7, 2013

Collaborative Activities

One of the four main cornerstones of the enrichment curriculum is collaboration.  We begin the year collaborating with each other.  In the older grades these skills will then transfer to work with others in our community.  In the younger grades this work continues all year as we develop the social skills that support shared learning through a variety of projects.

In kindergarten we played some name games ( students taught me their favorites!). We also participated in some sample centers.  Students built letters with a variety of mediums.  They worked together to build a unique alphabet, each contributing their individual knowledge and skill.  In first grade we began with partner interviews.  Students were responsible for interviewing a classmate to find out about their favorite outside activity. The interview was collaborative because the student had to draw their interviewees activity...interviewees had to be descriptive and add details so that the picture reflected their interests.  In second grade we worked in teams to create a structure that would support an apple, with limited resources.  Students had to talk, plan, try different things, and build together!  In third grade we are working in teams to begin our study of geography by creating a " my place in the world" project.  Students will be driving the design of this project in future classes.

Collaboration is not an easy skill to learn.  Students need a variety of avenues to practice the skills it takes to be part of a group while valuing their individual talents and desires.  I look forward to watching these skills grow and learning alongside students. 

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