Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reading is Awesome!

This is just one catchphrase seen this week in enrichment!  Second graders in the enrichment classroom received a request from Richmond town librarian. Students were asked to create posters that will adorn the hallway of the children's library. Check out the formal request we received!

Next, we brainstormed as a group some ways we might be able to share our love of reading and encourage others to read.  Our conversation was rich with ideas....and the authentic nature of the project create a buzz of excitement.  Students were given the option to work individually or in pairs, and then set to work designing their poster drafts.  I was really impressed with their creativity.  No two three classes...were exactly the same!  Students were engaged and enthusiastic about this project.  I look forward to this week when work on the final drafts will begin!

In second grade we will work throughout the year to engage with our local community.  If you have an idea or a request...please contact me.  It is important that we have authentic problems to solve and the connection to our community always results in amazing creativity and enthusiasm!

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