Saturday, September 7, 2013

Creating a Community in the Enrichment Classroom

The first enrichment classes of the year focus on creating a classroom community through the development of relationships.  We get to know each other through a variety of activities.  I want students to feel comfortable sharing their interests, as it is these interests which will drive our learning as the year evolves.

Students in grades 1- 4 are contributing to a wooden classroom mural that will include a piece done by each of them.  The piece includes their name and a few of their interests.  K students are creating paper people that represent them and include an interest on their shirt!   We also used an iPad app to create rap songs that share our interests!  After we made the songs, students grooved as we listened to our creations!  Fourth graders examined their learning styles and talked about how they learn best.  They also took interest surveys that were titled "If I ran the school" In third grade we brainstormed the tools and techniques we will want to use to learn this year.  In the primary grades we began conversations about our passions!

I have also requested that each student bring in a photo or drawing of them doing something they are 'proud of'.  These pictures extend our knowledge of each other' s interests and allow us to create richer connections.

Using a variety of tools and strategies, we are actively reflecting on our own interests.  The diversity of our passions promises to make this a great year of learning!

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