Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Place In This World

Students in third grade enrichment have spent time the last two weeks creating their first group project.  Instead of designing the project as the teacher, I asked the first class I worked with to come up with a plan for how they would like to share some important information.  The class worked together to come up with the idea of first creating something physically (many expressed an interest in art projects) and then photographing it to create a slideshow (many wanted to have a technology component).  Our overarching goal was to share our place in this world, including our town, our state, our country, our continent and our planet. I think the students did a great job of designing a project that they enjoyed, but that also supported our learning goals.  The best part was that I then shared their project plans with the other classes, who grabbed onto the idea, but were able to interpret the task in their own way.  I am going to try to have students set up project plans for other classes throughout the year, based on the success we have seen here!

The videos we made are linked below! Please check them out!

I was also excited to see how students worked together and picked up a new technology tool.  I asked finished students to drive the creation of the iMovie....which they did with little feedback or direction from me.  I believe that we could now do another project like this with these students as the lead learners!  It is great for me to witness the students driving their own learning choices and direction!

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