Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome Back to School!

It is with lots of excitement and enthusiasm that I begin my fourth year as the enrichment teacher at RES.  Last year, for the first time I was given the opportunity to meet with each student in the school once a week during the regular school day.  The enrichment program took on new meaning as we strove to develop a new program that would reach all students in an engaging and meaningful manner via the enrichment teacher.
I am happy to report that these classes will continue this year! Here are the days of the week each class will visit the enrichment space!

Berliner Grade 4
Darby Grade 3
Agner Grade K
Purvee Grade 1
Gilbar Grade K

Erickson Grade 4
Ayer Grade 3
Riggs Grade 2
Cross Grade 1
Darling Grade 2

Senning Grade 4
Ankerson Grade 3
Robinson Grade 2
Mumford Grade K
Hackett Grade 1

Students taught me an enormous amount last year about their interests and passions and how we could use those to create meaningful learning choices in the enrichment classroom. I know this year we will continue to learn from each other as we think, create, collaborate and share!

I welcome all comments and feedback about the enrichment program. Please contact me at darcie.rankin@cesuvt.org.

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