Monday, November 3, 2014

Lego Cat

I love cats. it is a Lego cat


  1. I like cats a lot too. What is the cat sitting on? Who made it?

    1. A lego chair. I made it. Katie H.

  2. We have two cats, Arlo and Layla! It looks like this cat is standing on a chair. Our cats favorite spot is the bed!

  3. I am more of a dog person ;) Stephanie, Tampa, Fl

  4. My cat's name is Mishka. What is this cat's name? Mishka likes to scratch on a scratching post. Is this cat on a scratching post?

  5. That is a nice picture! I love the little white kitty. Good job. Did you make that lego chair? Mom.

  6. I like that you are sharing two things you like in this picture--cats and building with legos. I wonder if the cat would like more lego furniture?


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