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Performing Arts Enrichment Through the Flynn

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
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Each year Richmond Elementary School participates in field trips to the Flynn theater.  As the Flynn coordinator, my role is to work with the Flynn theater and our classroom teachers to provide connected and meaningful opportunities for our students.  Each Spring I have the opportunity to learn about the Matinee series for the next school year.  Next I share this information with our school and classroom teachers decide on which performances they would like to attend with their classes.  When we pick shows we consider curricular connections as well as opportunities for new and diverse cultural and academic learning.  The Flynn does a great job of providing both quality and diversity in their selections and it is always fun to see what shows each grade level will attend. 

The performing arts is a great chance for students to learn in a different way. Physical movement, acting and/or puppeteering are all such important ways for our students to engage in meaningful learning, and to have a chance to experience this in a theater for a live performance with professionals is awesome!

This year students in all grades will be attending at least one show with their grade level, as well as an all school performance in the Spring.  In addition to these shows I am also working with the Flynn School Program to bring as many additional opportunities to our students as possible.  The Flynn provides workshops that bring teaching artists into the school right before or after a theater trip to further enhance student learning.  These workshops have additional costs which can sometimes be covered by grants.  (At one hundred dollars per classroom visit, we are always looking for families to sponsor these events--please contact me if you are interested).

Flynn field trips are a great trip to chaperone as well!  If you would like to plan ahead, below are a list of the Flynn field trips scheduled for this school year! (It is worth noting that chaperones would have to be available an hour before performance time).

Whole School Performance Grades K-4:
4/17/2015    9:30am   African Children's Choir

Grade K:
4/1/2015  9:30am  Harold and the Purple Crayon
Grade 1:
12/2/2014     10am       Charlotte's Web (at the Stowe theater)
2/16/2015     noon        Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Grade 2:
12/2/2014     10am       Charlotte's Web (at the Stowe theater)
Grade 3:
2/16/2015     noon        Schoolhouse Rock Live!
3/16/2015     9:30am    La Maleta  (sponsored by Senora Harris)
Grade 4:
1/13/2015     9:30am     Doktor Kaboom

Do you have questions about our Flynn trips? Do you want to help support additional opportunities for performance arts at RES? Feel free to contact me!

Details about the Flynn Matinee offerings can be found at:

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