Sunday, November 2, 2014

Second Grade November Blogging Challenge!!

In second grade enrichment classes, students have spent the last few weeks learning about blogging as a sharing platform.  We spent time creating paper blogs. Next we learned about what makes an excellent comment. We invited visitors into our classroom and shared our paper blogs and then got a chance to ask and answer comments on blogs written by our classmates.

The next step in our blogging experience is to create blog posts online!  Students will be using this Enrichment at RES blog to share blog posts.  Our goal with these posts is to: understand  the blogging format, learn the technology aspects of creating posts (including words and pictures) AND give students an opportunity to share posts online which the RES community and beyond can respond to via comments. 

In order to check out blog posts by students, users can go to the Enrichment at RES blog and use the Labels to search for the tags 'StudentBlogging' OR search by Grade 2 Teachers (Riggs, Robinson and Darling). Just be sure to select those posts made in 2014, as we have done this blogging challenge in previous years!

In the month of November I have challenged students to a friendly competition between the classes to see which second grade class will receive more blog post comments!  You can help help us by reading some student posts and then commenting.AND if we get more than 100 comments in November, we will all celebrate!

I look forward to watching students use this tool to share what we are working on over the course of the year. We will continue to develop a sense of online community and sharing with your help.  Thanks in advance for stopping by and commenting on our student blog posts!

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