Friday, November 14, 2014

Ava's cooking

I love to cook. My favorite is when me and mom made my sister's birthday cake!One time mom put vineginr in the cooke's! I also like when me and mom make my birthday cake.MOm said's cooking is science. Do you like cooking?


  1. I love to cook, but I don't really like to clean up after! Once my daughter and I were baking brownies and read the recipe wrong so we didn't put in the correct amount of sugar. They tasted awful! I guess it is really important to read a recipe carefully or the science won't work right.

  2. I am very interested in how vinegar ended up in cookies?! How did they taste?!
    I agree that cooking is a science. You have to measure and experiment to get recipes just right! I like to cook. My favorite recipes to make are chicken pot pie and brownies.

  3. Hi Ava,
    I never liked cooking until I had a son and found something I was good at cooking--baby food! It's easy because you just overcook everything and then throw it in a blender.
    How did the vinegar cookies taste? You can bring me samples of your cooking to try out any time!

  4. It's exciting to cook! Why do you think cooking is a science?

  5. Hi Sweetie!
    It makes me so happy that you have shared something so special to me and to us with your school community!! :)
    And yes, we sure learned first hand what a science cooking and baking are when we used expired baking powder in a cake that then became more of a pancake!! Ingredients are almost like chemicals the way they work together!

    Sounds like we should send Mrs. Senning in some of what you make some time! I love you sweetie! xoxo Mama


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