Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I like Animals

I like Animals because they are cute.  Do you like Animals?  Doyou have A favorite animals?  by makayla.  My favorite animal is a cat and dog and fish.  i have a pet.  I have a cat and a dog, 2 of each animals. I got rid of my ferrit.  the end.


  1. I like animals. I really like learning about them, because there are so many unique animals in the world! In terms of pets I like dogs. We also have hermit crabs which are very cool. In terms of wild animals, I think my favorite is a giraffe.
    Why did you get rid of your ferret?

  2. I love animals! I think many of them are cute! My favorite animal is a cat, like mine named Buttons. What is your favorite wild animal?

  3. I think my favorite animal would be the bear...all different kinds of bears. I like to learn about them, watch documentaries about them...I even like drawing them! Do you draw your favorite animals?


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