Wednesday, November 12, 2014


All activities are fun .even if it me me means just chilen .some peppel like to cook.others prefer crafts. if your a sporty person you like sports. some times what activites you like now depends on what job you have when you grow up. I like to dance and to do art. Some people  like to volinter which means to work with out being payd. Some people are silly so they do silly stuff like type stuff like this htujhdjtjjhjjtjjfjtjjrjtjjjjtjgjykkkujjjjklkrhk.  the end


  1. This is a good description of activities people can do. I think that people can like to do all of these things at different times. What do you think? I do know some people who really really like to do mostly one thing.....but most of my friends like variety.

  2. Since you enjoy dancing and art, what do you want to be when you grow up?

  3. Very interesting post! I like how you added some humor at the end of your post. Do you do other types of writing?


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