Monday, November 24, 2014

Scholastic Book Fair Supports Learning in Enrichment

In the last year Mrs. Gilbar and Mrs. Woodruff have dedicated time and effort into bringing several of the Scholastic Book Fairs to RES.  This work is on top of their every day tasks, and is done with the intention of adding books to our classroom environments so that we have a literature rich landscape in which to teach and learn.  

After the last Scholastic book fair, I was given the opportunity to purchase some books for the enrichment classroom.  I was truly grateful for this chance to increase our classroom library, and I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what books to select! 

I am excited to report that the first sets of books have been received and they are a great success.  Because of Mrs. Woodruff and Mrs. Gilbar's hard work, students are energized to read in enrichment!  One book is a Lego play book which provides students with building ideas.  By bringing text and reading into this creative building space this text is giving students an authentic purpose for their reading.  I also selected a set of group reading books.  In my first kindergarten class with these books, I simply introduced that the books were available and let students know they could create their own reading groups and enjoy reading together.  On Friday the first group of students visited the classroom library during their exploratory time and read together.  I witnessed decoding, group reading and real joy in reading!

I am so thankful for Mrs. Woodruff and Mrs. Gilbar's work, and also the RES school community for supporting our book fairs.

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