Monday, March 18, 2013


Today in kindergarten enrichment class a student led a center on exercise. Before we all exercised together, we heard from the student about why this was important to him. Students discussed the idea of exercise as a healthy activity that kept them feeling good and that was good for their bodies.

When our center leader introduced his topic--everyone cheered! The whole class recognized the importance of exercise and they were all ready to participate. After our discussion we used a youtube video (which can be found here: ) to move like different animals. Students really celebrated each movement!

Next, students had the choice of attending a small group session with more exercising. In this center students made barbells with paper and styrofoam and then were led through various exercises including stretches, strengthening and sit up and push ups.

Many students asked to do more of the exercise videos! It was a great and healthy enrichment class!

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