Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring

Today was a great day in the enrichment classroom.

Two classes of fourth graders began exploration of their self selected topics in enrichment/library. Students were giving me high fives because they were so excited to find information about their topics! Two classes of third graders worked tirelessly to design lessons which they will teach to their classmates next week on a myriad of geography topics. A small group of third and fourth grade students had an amazing book talk and were so engaged in their book projects that I had to drag them to their next class! Midday, my kindergarten class came into the room teeming with excitement as they went to the window to check to see if seeds from last week's experiments had sprouted.

Spring always signifies the beginning of so many things. In the classroom, I feel that we are joyous about the prospects of green grass and flowers and jacket-less recess...but we are also in the middle of something great. Our countless hours of learning and working together have created a cohesive group of learners--we are thinking critically, creating and sharing. Spring will bring new learning growth, but we also have cause to celebrate all that has already occurred!

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