Friday, March 15, 2013

Creating Science Journals

This week in enrichment classes first graders are continuing our scientific investigation by creating science journals.

We discussed some important things that all scientists do: ask questions, make predictions, design and execute experiments, make observations and draw conclusions. We created symbols that will represent each of these important steps as we continue experiments that focus on force and motion. Today we focused on observations and recording our observations with the use of a scientific diagram. Our symbol for observation will be a giant eye! Students viewed a sample ramp and ball set up, and then we each created a labeled diagram in our notebook. Although sometimes in science it is important to have precise, detailed drawings, for our experiments we will be working on capturing the main ideas of the experimental setup and using labels so others can learn from our journal.

Although the process of scientific journaling is very formulaic, the skills students will acquire through this process will support their ability to both learn and share during the experimental inquiry we will continue next week.

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