Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exploring Evergreen Trees

In kindergarten enrichment today a student led a center on evergreen trees. The student shared that she selected this topic because these trees were an important part of a holiday celebration in her house, and even though that season had passed, she still liked those types of trees.

The student had requested that we share a book on the topic. Before class, I travelled to the library to see if Mrs. Redford could help find a book that students might connect with and learn about this topic. As usual, Mrs. Redford found an awesome book which helped to lead our discussion. As a class we read part of Redwoods by Jason Chin. We learned about trees that were two hundred feet tall and existed in the time of the dinosaurs! Students were captivated and many chose to check out the book as well as other selections during their exploration time. Next we watched a short video on how to paint evergreen trees. During exploration time many students painted their own evergreen trees. Some chose to paint the large redwoods in the story, while others painted the evergreen in different seasons (if the evergreen stays the same, what around it changes to show the season?).

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