Monday, March 25, 2013

AfterSchool Enrichment Program: Food and Art

This session of the after school enrichment program welcomes Martha Colyer and Kayne Hartley teaching an art class with a food theme.  Students have been challenged to find ways to create art work for our cafeteria and are learning a lot about the connections between art and food along the way.  Although they did not last long (students ate them!)  the first class allowed students to 'play with their food' as they created various works of food art.  These are just a few images of their work. In the next class students learned about famous artists and examined a work of art to learn techniques that they might use.  We all anxiously await their finished products and know they will greatly benefit our school environment!

We are so lucky to have dedicated educators working in our after school program to connect students with art and our school community.

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