Monday, March 11, 2013

Woolly Mammoths and Prehistoric Timelines

A kindergarten student in Mrs. Gilbar's class created an awesome project on prehistoric times today during enrichment class. He began his presentation with the question: What came first? Students used a timeline that he created to place everything from trees to the woolly mammoth. Next students discussed the size of some of these great prehistoric creatures in comparison to people. He even had a to-scale picture of woolly mammoth tusks! We really got an idea of the size of the animals as the WHOLE class sat around the life size model. To complete his center students spent time reading books, looking at pictures and talking about their ideas.

When students bring their ideas and passions into the classroom it benefits us all! We were especially thankful today to have a parent support this learning. The kindergarten enrichment classroom was alive with learning and thinking!

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