Friday, May 3, 2013

Collaborating and Building

Today second graders in Mrs. Rigg's class spent their enrichment time at CHMS. Design and Technology Teacher, Mr. Peterson has invited this class to spend time working with a group of fifth graders to collaboratively design and build models of the Round Church.

This project began as an idea to couple the RES enrichment program in a collaborative project with middle schoolers. After some discussions as colleagues we decided upon the idea of building the Round Church as a way to compliment second graders enrichment focus on community and collaboration and fifth graders focus on design and creation.

Students are excited and enjoyed our first meeting which served as a time to: set up teams, get to know each other, learn about the space at CHMS, and begin the thought process that will enable us to build great models. Next week we will spend more time building and designing.

I am enjoying watching students learn from older student role models! I am also thrilled to get the chance to learn and collaborate with another teacher. I look forward to watching these projects develop over the next few Fridays!

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