Friday, May 10, 2013

Butterflies, Airplanes, Dinosaurs and Magic

Students in Kindergarten are designing centers that are creative and diverse! In one class we had some girls create a center about butterflies. They spent several weeks during explore time planning their center and deciding how they would share their interests with others. They made a game, created a wall mural, and had students moving and learning! In the same class a student designed a center about airplanes and helicopters. We had a classroom runway, used a fan to fly paper airplanes and dropped helicopters and experimented with ways to make them spin.

In another K class a student talked about dinosaurs. We used our imaginations to think about how big a T- Rex mouth was (we all sat inside!) and the wingspan of a pterodactyl (we stretched our arms from one side of the room to another!). Next the student set up a dinosaur display and students made fossil prints with clay.

Our other kindergarten class focused on magic. After reading a book about a magic hat, students created magic wands. Then the student leader taught the class a magic trick--they made a quarter disappear!

It is great to see students playing and exploring their ideas and interests.

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