Friday, May 3, 2013

I cannot wait for class!

These are the words that every teacher wants to hear! Today I was lucky enough to hear a fourth grader utter these words about their planned meeting to dismantle and reassemble a computer as part of their fourth grade capstone project! I also found that another student had worked on their project (no assignment, but by choice) over spring break!

These interest driven projects are really displaying the value of choice in projects, from topic to creation! Students are invested and joyful about their learning.

Today I want to extend a special thank you to Jed Carini, our RES tech guru--and today the volunteer that made a student jump up and down with excitement about their learning! They rebuilt a computer in sixty minutes! We are so thankful to have experts supporting students desire to learn.

It is not just the students, I cannot wait for our next class either!

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