Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RES Has Got Talent

At the beginning of the year I asked families and students to send in pictures of students doing something which they were proud of---a picture that showed their talents.  These pictures have covered the back wall of the enrichment room all year.  They have served as a constant reminder through the year of our individual strengths, interests and talents.  I love looking at the wall and seeing all the special skills that make up our learning community.  We are fishermen, soccer,hockey and baseball players, dancers, horseback riders, swimming champions, artists, caring siblings, chefs, hikers, skiers, ..just to name a few talents!  

It is important to me as an educator that I seek the talent in each student.  I appreciate that every individual might not be able to share their special talents during the school day ( I do not think a horse stable is in our future school plans), but by recognizing and celebrating these talents we can find ways to incorporate them into our learning--- even if it is just by connecting students with common interests, asking a student to share about an experience or a hallway conversation about their special talent.  Today I began taking down the wall, as I prepare to return pictures and create some activities for the last month of is humbling to me to see all the special kids that I get to teach and learn with each week.  RES has got talent!!!

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