Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Walls are Forming

Second graders in Mrs. Riggs' class continued to work with their fifth grade partners at the end of last week to build their models of the Round Church.  Students worked together to figure out how they would create stable walls and structures that could support the size of their design.

On two separate occasions I witnessed students look at each other and then one would say 'this is hard'.  What I loved about this comment was that although it was met with agreement, it was also met with a smile!  Students are recognizing that their task is difficult, but together they are persevering.  None of the groups has indicated any interest in stopping or getting adult help....they are content to share their feelings of challenge with each other and then to continue!  As a teacher this is the sort of engagement and task that I feel gets at the heart of learning.  I continue to be thankful for Mr. Peterson's efforts to collaborate across our school boundaries for the improvement and betterment of student engagement and learning!  

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