Monday, May 20, 2013

Dramatic Play

Today I greeted a kindergarten class wearing a cowboy hat, a leopard cape, a Japanese purse and a grass skirt.  I thought that students would be shocked or amazed.....but apparently they expect these kind of antics from they merely came into the room joined our circle and waited for me to explain my get up!  We had a great discussion about creating and imagining characters.  A kindergarten friend shared why she had designed her center around the idea of dramatic play.  Students had fun coming up with reasons why my character was dressed as I was (I am a friend to leopards, shopping in a Japanese market in between my stints as a cowgirl).  Next we practiced using facial expression and body language to convey how we felt as a group (our favorite was being cold with shivers and chattering teeth).  Then students went to various centers including dramatic play led by this great student idea.  We removed our puppet theater wall and used the stage to perform.  Lots of laughter, and lots of the great kind of drama ensued!

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