Sunday, October 27, 2013

Circle Seat Challenge!

Since my time with students always feel too short (forty minutes goes by quickly!)  we work really hard to make our transitions as quick and smooth as possible.  One transition is the transition from the hallway into the classroom and seated in a circle.  Because the enrichment space is fluid, and is shared with another teacher, we do not have tape on the floor or fixed circle spots--students have to enter, survey the scene and decide how and where to it is a challenge to come in and make a circle that includes everyone and is the right shape so that everyone can make eye contact with everyone else quickly!

One class does this beautifully and I have given them many compliments! I think they have gained more than fifteen minutes of enrichment time with their efficient teamwork--it is AWESOME!  So this week, I filmed this class.  I will share their skills with the younger grades and challenge the older grades to see if they can match their time!  It will be interesting to see how everyone does....and the end benefit is that we will all have more time to LEARN!

Here is the video! The time to match is 32 seconds from entering the class to ready to learn!  I would be interested to hear if other classes can match these first graders and their mad skills!

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