Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Tori!

For the past few weeks third graders in Mrs. Ankerson's class have been following Tori as she travels in Europe. We have used her awesome clues to find mystery locations, using maps and our geography skills. This week we learned about Tori's trip to Dublin, Ireland!  We had to look up the flags of countries (did you know there are a lot of flags that are orange, white and green?) and we had to use physical maps that included rivers and capitol cities to locate her!  We are so excited each time we get a new clue!

We also have a lot of questions for Tori, which we will share here and then we plant to post some of her answers in the near future!

The most popular question was : " Where are you going next?"  But we already know that we will have to figure out that mystery! So here are our real questions!

Are you traveling with any friends?
Do they celebrate Halloween there?
Do you have plans to go to Spain or Hungary?
Do you have plans to visit Richmond E.S.?  (we would love to meet you some day!)
We are having a lot of fun with your challenges! What language do they speak where you are?
Is it warm there?
What is your favorite place you have been?
What type of food are you eating?
Do people dress differently?
Is the land pretty?
Is it mostly country or city?
Which country is your favorite?
Do people have accents? Are you getting an accent?
What types of things are you doing when you travel?

Wow! A lot of questions!  We love having a traveling classroom friend! We cannot wait to hear some of the answers!
Grade 3 Enrichment

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