Thursday, October 24, 2013

Traveling with Tori: Challenge 2

Students in grade 3 have received their next clue from our traveling friend, Tori.
Check out her note, and check back here soon to see if students solved the clues! I also look forwad to hearing what questions students have!  
Do you know where she is?

Hello Grade 3 Enrichment!

I hope all is well with you guys! I thought I would send over the next challenge that I made from my trip last weekend! Sorry this one took me a little bit to make. I am ready to answer questions for you guys as well! Can't wait to hear from you all soon! 

I am the capitol city
Of a country that’s pretty.
The colors of my flag,
are green white and orange.
There is a holiday from my country
Where mostly green is worn.
I am home to the River Liffey
But my weather is sometimes very iffey.
My people have lots of luck to spare,
Not to mention there are four leaf clovers everywhere!
What and where am I? 

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