Friday, October 11, 2013

Garden Exploration and Scientific Observation

This week first grade enrichment classes took place in the RES Community Garden.  After we discussed how to respect our garden environment, each class was presented with a scavenger hunt challenge.  As we will be studying plants and scientific observation techniques this year in enrichment, we took this garden opportunity to test our ability to match the leaves of various herbs.  Once students found the herbs on their clue cards they had to cut samples.  We will be drying our cuttings and presenting them to the kindergarten students to use in their five senses unit!  

Students had to use their keen sense of observation to find the correct leaves.  As students looked for their matches, they had a chance to explore the garden!  We had beautiful fall weather as we observed   and  learned in our amazing outside classroom. We also got a chance to taste some veggies!

I am very thankful to the volunteers who helped us  this week!  If you are interested in sharing our learning about plants this year, please let me know...we will be doing a lot more great learning!

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