Monday, October 7, 2013

Traveling with Tori, Challenge 1

Students in third grade are following Tori as she adventures around Europe.  She is giving us clues and we are using our classroom resources to learn about her travels.  Tori wrote us a poem for our first clue, and included some great pictures!  Here was our clue...can you figure it out?

I light up at night, a beautiful blue

On special occasions I have fireworks too!

I am a Ferris wheel tall and high,

From me you can see the Queens house

Don’t forget to say Hi!

I’m on the River Thames,

You can see the city through a lens.

To see me just look up to the sky…

What and Where am I??

Students had to think about:

What countries have a Queen?

 What does a river look like on a map?

What type of map shows rivers?

What do cities look like on a map?

What clues is the picture giving us?

How can we use what we learned about Tori's home base to determine a starting point for our investigation?

In the end, students were able to narrow the location down to London, England!

We cannot wait for our next clue and are looking forward to exchanging questions that we come up with as we learn more and more geography!

We are so happy that Tori is providing us with this learning opportunity!  Do you have an idea for a mystery location challenge? Please contact me with ideas!

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