Sunday, October 27, 2013

Performance Arts through Flynn Workshops

This week students in kindergarten were treated to a very special workshop.  An artist and teacher from the Flynn worked with students to make connections to their upcoming trip to the Flynn Theater to see 'Step Afrika!'.  Each class participated in a forty minute workshop in which they learned and created, listened to music, and danced!  This workshop was funded by a grant from the Champlain Valley Educator Development Center.  We are grateful to be the recipients of this funding!
Students were able to build connections which will deepen their understanding and joy in their upcoming theater experience!

The trips to the Flynn Theater are an excellent way to view the performing arts and engage different learning styles for our students.  We hope that this experience will awaken a passion in some students, and create an appreciation of the arts in all!  

A special thanks goes to the K teachers, Mrs. Redford for use of the library space, and the Flynn artist and workshop coordinator for making this experience possible.  If you are interested in learning more about workshop opportunities for future performances (the cost to fund a workshop is one hundred dollars per class), please contact me.  Below are the future performances that students will attend this year.

 Grade 1:
Performance:            "Swimmy, Frederick, & Inch"
Performance Date:       Mar 10 2014 12:00PM

Performance:            "Seussical" the Musical
Performance Date:       Apr 16 2014  9:30AM
Grade 2:
Performance:            "Dream Carver" (with Senora Harris)
Performance Date:       Jan 22 2014  9:30AM

Performance:            "Stuart Little"
Performance Date:       May  7 2014  9:30AM
Grade 3:
Performance:            "At Nightfall"
Performance Date:       Mar 25 2014  9:30AM

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